This is the end for you my friend - Anti-Flag.vid

This is the end (for you my friend) - Anti-Flag.

This is a great video by Anti-Flag....the best political punk music ever! They are (dare I say) My favourite band.
frunksie Jul 14, 2007
Sleep Now In the Fire - Rage Against The Machinevid

Sleep Now In the Fire - Rage Against The Machine

One of the best fucking music videos ever!
frunksie Jul 14, 2007
My Chemical Romance - The Endvid

My Chemical Romance - The End

omg, I love the new youtube sooooo much. I was watching the first video I ever uploaded (INO live from the concert I was at)…
frunksie Jul 04, 2007

Life and Death...Love my Way.

Death. Is death scary for those dying? Probably not as scary as it is to those who are losing the person they love. I am…
frunksie Jun 15, 2007
frunksie Jun 08, 2007
french interview.vid

french interview.

BHAHA! best interview for a long time. hilarious! with the american idiot and wttbp bits. that was weird. i love the host dude. he seemed…
frunksie Jun 08, 2007
We are very much like a totem pole of heads. Rowan my dearest cousin on the bottom, Sarah, my mosh buddy in the middle and me on top. :pic
me again.pic


frunksie Jun 04, 2007
hmmm. quite thoughtful.pic


frunksie Jun 04, 2007
The Used - The Bird and the Wormvid

The Used - The Bird and the Worm

I love ♥♥♥♥ this song soooo much. Can't wait for the album! heehee, this vid is weird...bert gets eaten by a couch!!! ooh, and also...I am liking…
frunksie Apr 28, 2007
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About Me:

hum. how many of these "about me" things have you ever filled out? I have sure done a heap, but still I continue...gosh. oooh, that bad napoleon dynamite impersonation was totally uncalled for!
I am a teenage girl. I am 15.
Yeah, I am a bit weird. I am very sarcastic, one of friends no longer knows if am being sarcastic or not.
I am very obsessed with My Chemical Romance and one the highlights of my life was seeing them at the start of Feb this year! I lost my shoe in their mosh pit. tee hee.


My Intrests? hmmmmm, well music might come to mind. yes, of course it does. My Reason for living is music, its my passion. I also like shoes, lots and lots of shoes and clothes. I also like the beach, surfing and swimming, it's pretty cool. yeah. My friends intrest me, because they are all homocidal maniacs and you have to watch out for them. No, just joking. I love my friends. Did I mention I have bipolar disorder? Coz i don't really. Which would be the reason I didn't mention it. I am weird.

Favorite Music:

I will just put a short list...., my chemical romance, panic! at the disco, hawthorne heights, fallout boy, wolfmother, the used, another day down, kisschasy, the living end, green day, end of fashion, snow patrol, josh pyke, bob evans, death cab for cutie, big japan, ALAN!!!, 30 seconds to mars, A.F.I., after the fall, aiden, alkaline trio, the all-american rejects, behind crimson eyes, bullet for my valentine, ben lee, ben folds, ben harper, ben kweller, bright eyes, butterfly effect, cat empire, clap your hands say yeah, the clash, cut copy, cute is what we aim for, the sex pistols, dallas crane, dappled cities fly, eskimo joe, faker, finch, foo fighters, franz ferdinand, grinspoon, the grates, hello goodbye, HIM, interpol, INXS, interpol, jeff buckley, jem, jet, johm butler trio, the killers, kind of pluto, kings of leon, lior, little birdy, madness, michael franti, michael jackson, modest mouse, misfits, muse, new found glory, nirvana, oasis, the offspring, pency prep, phantom planet, placebo, +44, queen, queens of the stoneage, radiohead, red hot chili peppers, red riders, rooney, scissor sisters, the shins, sick puppies, the sleepy jackson, smashing pumpkins, something corprate, something with numbers, system of a down, they might be giants, thirsty merc, U2, unwritten law, the vines, we are scientists, the white stripes, youth group, the zutons.

Favorite Movies:

the chumscrubber, elephant, ghost world, napoleon dynamite, nacho libre, the parent trap, mean girls, shrek 1 & 2, momento, love actually, about a boy, anchorman, harry potter 1, 2, 3, & 4, charlie and the chocolate factory, POTC 1 & 2, A series of unfortunate events, war of the worlds, king kong, and more.

Favorite TV Shows:

The O.C., friends, the simpsons, futurama, family guy, the young ones, wife swap (hell yeah!), heroes, desperate housewives, LOST, rage, jtv, Punk'd, Jack ass, Grey's Anatomy.

Favorite Books:

The tomorrow series by John marsden, harry potter series, any Julia Larwinson, Series of Unfortunate Events, and loads more.